The Jenn Ryan Show

Jenn Ryan grew up in Ohio and finally made her way to the Sunshine State where she intends to stay…she has no desire to move away from palm trees and the heat! She’s an Ohio State Buckeye, but she asks that you don’t hold that against her. As long as the Gators aren’t playing against her Buckeyes she promises to cheer for the Gators.

Her dog Mimi is her baby and Mimi’s name fits her perfectly, Jenn has spoiled her so much she believes everything is about her. She has two nephews that are wrapped around her finger and she’s quick to share stories and brag about them.

Don’t be surprised if you Jenn shopping at DSW (she has over 200 pairs of shoes) or at some of the boutiques in town. She also loves checking out live music, is working on getting back in shape so expect to see her at the gym, going to the movies and almost anything outdoors especially if it involves water (just don’t laugh too hard if you see her falling off a paddleboard somewhere)! Her favorite tv shows are This Is Us and Grey’s Anatomy.

You’ll also find that Jenn has a few organizations that are close to her heart like the ASPCA, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Children’s Miracle Network.

Jenn’s an open book so feel free to ask her anything!

Leroy – (coming soon)